12-inch Vinyl Record
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David Blamey Side A:
Charcoal Bell

Side B:
Nothing Happens

Rural is the first release in the Open Editions Continuous Tone series of sound works by artists.
The underlying purpose of the project is to treat sound as a medium for the production of art,
just like any other. Twelve different artists will be invited to extend their practice into the realm of sound by making new works intended to tackle a bias towards the visual, by concentrating awareness of the aural instead. Each release will be issued as a one-off heavy pressing of 500 copies, with carefully designed packaging and specially commissioned sleeve notes and imagery inserted as an 10-page information booklet.
Self Organised More Buy GBP 17.00
Stine Hebert &
Anne Szefer Karlsen (Eds.)
Julie Ault
Maibritt Borgen
Céline Condorelli & Johan Frederik Hartle
Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth & Jakob Jakobsen
Ekaterina Degot, Charles Esche & David Riff
Barnaby Drabble
Jonas Ekeberg
Linus Elmes
Juan A Gaitán
Abdellah Karroum
Livia Pancu
Jan Verwoert
What, How & For Whom/WHW
The current economic situation and society’s low confidence in its institutions has suddenly demanded that artists become more imaginative in the way that they organise themselves.
If labels such as ‘alternative’, ‘non-profit’ and ‘artist-run’ dominated the self-organised art scene
that emerged in the late 1990s, the separatist position implied by the use of these terms has
been moderated during the intervening years. This new anthology of accounts from the front line includes contributions by artists, as well as their institutional counterparts, that provide a fascinating observation of the art world as matrix of interconnected positions where the balance of power and productivity constantly shifts.
Mazdaznan Health and Breath Culture More Buy GBP 16.00
Ian Whittlesea (Auth.) This artist’s book explores the intimate relationship between Mazdaznan, Johannes Itten and the Vorkurs (Preliminary or Foundation Course) at the Bauhaus, Weimar. It is a practical guide to performing the exercises that Itten taught at the Bauhaus and a celebration of a moment of mysticism at the heart of Modernism.
Curating and The Educational Turn More Buy GBP 18.00
Paul O’Neill
& Mick Wilson (Eds.)
16 Beaver Group
Peio Aguirre
Dave Beech
David Blamey & Alex Coles
Daniel Buren & Wouter Davidts
Cornford & Cross
Charles Esche
Annie Fletcher & Sarah Pierce
Liam Gillick
Janna Graham
Tom Holert
William Kaizen
Hassan Khan
Annette Krauss, Emily Pethick
& Marina Vishmidt
Stewart Martin
Ute Meta Bauer
Marion von Osten
& Eva Egermann
Andrea Phillips
Raqs Media Collective
Irit Rogoff
Edgar Schmitz
Simon Sheikh
Sally Tallant
Jan Verwoert
Anton Vidokle
Tirdad Zolghadr
An anthology of new writing that argues for acknowledgment of an educational turn in recent art and curatorial production. Through reasoned and attentive debate, the course of curating and exhibition making into the realm of the ‘educational’ is analysed, using both empirical and theoretical tools.
Curating Subjects More Buy GBP 15.00
Paul O’Neill (Ed.) Julie Ault
Søren Andreasen
& Lars Bang Larsen
Carlos Basualdo
Dave Beech & Mark Hutchinson
Irene Calderoni
Anshuman Das Gupta
& Grant Watson
Clémentine Deliss
Eva Diaz
Claire Doherty
Okwui Enwezor
Annie Fletcher
Liam Gillick
Jens Hoffmann
Robert Nickas
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Sarah Pierce
Simon Sheikh
Mary Anne Staniszewski
Andrew Wilson
Mick Wilson
This sleek and serious anthology of new curatorial writing documents the inter-dependent relationships between the curatorial past, present and speculative futures and, instead of following the convention of curators writing about themselves, invites the authors to provide a text about the curatorial work of others. The result is an eclectic volume of accessible responses that provides a dynamic curatorial discourse where critical essays, theoretical explorations, propositions, historical overviews, interviews, exhibition critiques and fictional accounts sit side by side. Essential reading for students and professionals alike.
Living Pictures:
Perspectives On the Film Poster in India
More Buy GBP 24.00
David Blamey
& Robert D’Souza (Eds.)
Sara Dickey
Emily King
M.S.S. Pandian
Christopher Pinney
Rosie Thomas
Patricia Oberoi
Living Pictures is the first publication to collect and analyse a representative body of film posters produced in India from 1947, the year of Independence, to the present day. This charming book offers the uninitiated a window into the sub-continent's famously over-the-top movie industry and, for those who know it well, there is a wide selection of classic and little-known material. Street photographs show the art in situ, while essays addressing it from anthropological, sociological and design perspectives put it in broader context as a visually charismatic key to the politics, history and beliefs of India.
Here There Elsewhere:
Dialogues On Location and Mobility
More Buy GBP 14.99
David Blamey (Ed.) Barry Curtis
& Claire Pajaczkowska
Tim Brennan
Jane Rendell
Layla Curtis
Doina Petrescu
Colectivo Cambalache
Peter Wollen
Johnny Spencer
Roger Begrich
& Andrea Mühlebach
Mariele Neudecker
Laura Ruggeri
Terris Nguyen Temple
David Blamey
Fiona Banner
Janice Kerbel
Ian Whittlesea
Lesley Naa Norle Lokko
Markus Vater
Paul O’Neill
We live in an age of increased mobility. At the time research for this collection of essays was undertaken, post-colonial discourses tended to focus on the impact of mobility on those at the receiving end, rather than on the growing populations that now enjoy the freedom to travel worldwide. The circulation of people, culture and commodities forms the hub of our globalized culture, but where does this freedom of movement take us? In Here, There, Elsewhere, artists and writers investigate ideas surrounding the presumed benefits of mobility and address the role, impact and implications of travel for both the visitor and the visited. Through art works, photo essays, autobiography and cultural theory, contributors question the pleasure of travel and the desire to move, relocate, or adopt new identities and lifestyles. In examining how travel both defines and erodes identity, this collection addresses two key questions: when does freedom from location become dislocation and when does the ability to escape become an inability to belong?
Self Taught More Buy GBP 9.50
David Blamey (Auth.) Exhibition catalogue published to coincide with an exhibition by the artist at The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London.
Work & Turn:
Artists' Bookworks From the United Kingdom
More Out of Print GBP 10.00
David Blamey
Cathy Courtney
Adalsteinn Ingolfsson (Auths.)
Phil Baines
David Blamey
Pavel Büchler
Brian Catling
Les Coleman
Simon Cutts
Hamish Fulton
Andy Goldsworthy
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Waldemar Januszczak
Martin Jaques
Richard Long
Bruce McLean & Mel Gooding
Robert Maude
Alan Murray
Childe Roland
Colin Sackett
Telfer Stokes & Helen Douglas
Jake Tilson
David Tremlett
Ian Tyson
Erica van Horn
Stephen Willats
Adrian Wiszniewski
Verdi Yahooda
Silvia Ziranek
Exhibition catalogue and reference book that links UK book art of the 1990s with artists’ publishing of the 1960s and 70s, a period that was driven by a desire to dematerialize the art object. Works by a new generation of artists are considered alongside those of seminal producers who have maintained a commitment to publishing as a viable art form. Written contributions speculate about the reason for a resurgence of interest at this time.  
7 Day Kathmandu More Buy GBP 75.00
David Blamey (Auth.) In keeping with the artist’s insistence on working ‘with what is already there’, this small publication dutifully documents a one-week programme of Hollywood film screenings at a pizza restaurant in Kathmandu during the early 1990s. Although these presentations were only ever intended to entice foreign customers to the restaurant with the promise of free entertainment, when examined from within the context of this ancient eastern culture the titles and the values that the movies themselves promote take on a darkly humorous air. This artist’s book project acts as a poignant reminder of the strangeness of situations where cultures collide in a globalised world.

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Past Golden More Buy GBP 125.00
David Blamey (Auth.) Produced during 1989-90, this book is an effort to get beyond stereotypes and approach a deeper understanding of India as a mythological place. Drawings in graphite and photo opaque of ordinary objects, architectural details, and landscape are juxtaposed with simple texts, typeset in both English and Hindi, to create an overall effect that is at once highly personal and yet resonant of shared experience.

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Rural Cover Buy GBP 18.50
London, 2014
Continuous Tone

Soft board cover with booklet and 12” EP

315 x 315 x 5mm
2-page sleeve
10-page booklet

Texts: Frances Loeffler,
Adrian Shaughnessy
Language: English
Design: Julia

Catalogue Number OE CT 001
Side A: Charcoal Bell – As a visual artist, David Blamey has a knack for finding patterns of formalism in everyday life that, when augmented through acts of repetition or prolonged attention, break down and unravel in interesting ways. This piece combines two simple elements: the sound of charcoal burning and bells. As the material splinters and pops under flame the sound created resembles the ring of tiny bells. The tracks overlaid comprise a cowbell, a sheep bell and a child’s toy bell, all found in the locality and played by Blamey.

Side B: Nothing Happens – This piece is a composition of environmental sounds recorded in a garden between dawn and darkness on a single day: the chatter of starlings; a zinc gutter expanding in the sun’s rays; toads signaling to each another; the drone of bees; modulating cicada song; and the fanfare of an un-oiled garden gate. Listening deeply to these kinds of background noises and waiting for them coalesce into a readymade form of music draws near to what Spalding Grey referred to as encountering ‘perfect moments’, or what Eastern philosophy describes as great power existing in small things.
Self Organised Cover Buy GBP 17.00
London, 2013
Occasional Table

Soft board cover with dust jacket

215 x 115 x 22mm
168 pages

Language: English
Design: Jonathan Hares

Published with:
Hordaland Arts Centre

ISBN: 978-0-949004-17-8
Exploring one of the most influential methods of contemporary cultural production, Self-Organised takes a broad view on the matter. Artists, curators and critics discuss empirical and theoretical approaches from Europe, Africa and South and North America to how self-organisation today oscillates between the self and the group, self-imposed bureaucratisation and flexibilism, aestheticisation and activism. The contributors identify now as a crucial moment to propose ways forward for parallel initiatives and institutions alike: from de-organisation and waiting, to rupture and coexistence of aesthetics and politics. However, what they all seem to share is a refreshing search for critical platforms of citizenship, harnessing self-determination in the wake of neo-liberal mainstreaming and right-wing populism alike. — Maria Lind
Mazdaznan Health and Breath Culture Cover Buy GBP 16.00
London, 2012
Hand-sewn double spine binding

191 x 133 x 7mm
120 pages

14 illustrations by the artist
20 other illustrations
Language: English
Design: Joseph Pochodzaj

ISBN: 978-0-94-900419-2
Founded by the extraordinary Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish in Chicago at the start of the 20th century Mazdaznan was a religion and way of life. Dr. Ha’nish is claimed to have been variously a genius, a shepherd, a typesetter, a magician and a fraud, as well as friend and inspiration to a bewildering variety of figures including Karl Marx, Haeckel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, H.G. Wells, Annie Besant and J. H. Kellogg.

Mazdaznan’s vegetarian diet, magnetic and electric sexual exchanges, breathing exercises and glandular theories were taken to Europe by its early disciples, flourishing in Switzerland, Germany and England between the wars. The Swiss artist and teacher Johannes Itten was a devout Mazdaznan and its exercises were an essential part of his courses at the Bauhaus.

Health & Breath Culture has been newly illustrated by Ian Whittlesea with drawings of current Foundation students demonstrating the exercises. It is followed by a selection of found texts and images that go some way to explaining the beliefs and history of Mazdaznan.
Curating and The Educational Turn Cover Buy GBP 18.00
London, 2010
Occasional Table

Soft board cover with dust jacket

215 x 115 x 25mm
348 pages

Language: English
Design: Jonathan Hares

Published with:
de Appel Arts Centre

ISBN: 978-0-949004-18-5
In recent years there has been increased debate about the incorporation of pedagogy into art and curatorial practice – about what has been termed ‘the educational turn’. In this follow up volume to the critically acclaimed Curating Subjects, artists, curators, critics and academics respond to this widely recognised sense of art’s paradigmatic re-orientation towards the educational. Consisting primarily of newly commissioned texts, from interviews and position statements to performative texts and dialogues, Curating and the Educational Turn also includes a small number of previously published writings that have proved pivotal in the debate so far. This anthology presents an essential enquiry for anyone interested in the cultural politics of production at the intersection of art, curating, and education.
Curating Subjects Cover Buy GBP 15.00
London, 2010
Occasional Table

Soft board cover with dust jacket

215 x 115 x 25mm
232 pages

Language: English
Design: Jonathan Hares

Published with:
de Appel Arts Centre

ISBN 978-0-949004-16-1
Introduction by
Paul O'Neill & Annie Fletcher
This book is a welcome addition to the growing literature about exhibition making. Moving away from autobiographical first-person narratives, Curating Subjects instead invites its broad range of contributors to comment upon the curatorial endevours of others. Conflating and colliding the past and present with possible futures, this book unfolds as an idiosyncratic conversation that is at once informative, entertaining and often revealing.

Matthew Higgs
Living Pictures:
Perspectives On the Film Poster in India
Cover Buy GBP 24.00
London, 2005

8 page soft board cover

236 x 210 x 20mm
260 pages

153 Colour illustrations
8 b/w illustrations
26 colour photographs

Language: English
Design: Graphic Thought Facility

ISBN 0-949004-15-4
Visual Introduction by
David Blamey
This visually alluring book provides an examination of Indian movie posters in a wide cultural context, as well as their relationship to the films they represent. Cultural signs specific to the promotional language of Indian cinema are decoded and analysed through textural contributions by design historians, sociologists and visual anthropologists to reveal links with religious iconography, devotional and ritual practices, technological developments in reprographics and social change. In celebrating poster imagery from the whole Indian subcontinent, this book challenges the primacy of Bollywood styles. Lesser-known material from film industries such as those in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is given equal recognition alongside more familiar work from Bombay. Obscure and crudely produced contemporary designs are presented on the same terms as archetypal images for classics from the golden age of Indian cinema. An innovative editorial strategy of conducting a dialogue on deep-rooted cultural issues through the frame of a disposable art form is complemented by the book's design: pages of posters presented in chronological order are punctuated by photographs of everyday street life, reflecting the experience of encountering the images in India's cities.
Here There Elsewhere:
Dialogues On Location and Mobility
Cover Buy GBP 14.99
London, 2002

8 page soft cover

237 x 155 x 22mm
272 pages

207 colour illustrations

Language: English
Design: Stephen & David

ISBN 0-949004-13-8
In Here, There, Elsewhere David Blamey has very carefully placed a wide range of different pieces side-by-side. There are academic essays, reflective pieces by academics and artists, photo-essays,
e-mails, lists, encounters, travelogues and more. Intriguingly, Blamey’s positioning of these various ‘pieces’ within the book offers exactly the dialogue that the subtitle of the book claims. You have to read between the essays to really build up a picture of places and mobility. One essay, for example, talks of how the residents of a Hong Kong suburb seek to live a Californian version of the American Dream. This essay is immediately followed by one in which a poet describes his search for a life beyond the American Dream, in some ways by producing a different dream of California. These two sets of experiences of place are subtly connected and contrasted simply by being placed together: spatial stories are illuminated by crumpling the map. This collection works on many different levels, in many ways it will engage intellectually and inspire new projects, but this is also about the mundane and the ordinary aspects of living in a world in which mobility is common-place and places are commonly extraordinary... this book is personally engaging, eye-catching and always thought-provoking. Placing artists’ work side by side with the work of critics changes and accentuates both, giving us a book that is far greater than the sum of its parts. It's a book worth having.

Steve Pile–Contemporary
Self Taught Cover Buy GBP 9.50
London, 1999

8 page soft cover

235 x 172 x 6mm
48 pages

69 colour illustrations

Language: English
Design: Stephen & David

ISBN 0-949-00414-6
Photographs of used rubber bands in different configurations, each one representing a material memory of the physical forces that have been applied to an object over time. Laid out two to a page, sometimes isolated, and occasionally interspersed with images from nature: the sea, a sunset, a forest, an orchid, a tropical fish etc.
Work & Turn:
Artists' Bookworks From the United Kingdom
Cover Out of Print GBP 10.00
London 1992

8 page soft cover

283 x 220 x 8mm
60 pages

b&w and colour offset litho

Language: English with, Japanese, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish editions
Design: Manticora

ISBN 0-949004-06-5
Artists’ books are original works of art, usually published by individuals of in close collaboration with technical assistants. These books must be seen as a whole: style and content merge to form an alternative reading experience. Their narrative may be played out in only a few words or over a hundred pages. Invariably, the bookwork traverses boundaries that too often exist between artistic disciplines. Artists’ books seem to remain in the mind as much for their unconventionality as much as their message. The best books are those that succeed in interrupting the tide of mindless imagery that engulfs us all with carefully considered works that challenge the viewer to a new connection with the printed page.

David Blamey
7 Day Kathmandu Cover Buy GBP 75.00
Nepal, 1991

Silkscreen and letterpress printed cover and slipcase

130 x 160 x 6mm
16 pages

Single colour letterpress texts with colour litho postcard insert

Language: English
Design: David Blamey

Edition: 150 numbered copies

ISBN 0-949004-07-3
Artist's book consisting of pale mauve pages printed with text which documents one week of western video movies playing at a local pizza restaurant in the Thamel district of Nepal's capital city. The book faithfully reproduces the film titles, complete with spelling mistakes. Item includes a postcard, has a slipcase and is in a plastic bag. Printed in Kathmandu using local materials: silkscreen, letterpress and offset litho.

Tate Artists’ Books Collection

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Past Golden Cover Buy GBP 125.00
London, 1990

Case bound with dust jacket and metal slipcase with screen-printed label

130 x 160 x 16mm
48 pages

Language: English, Hindi Design: David Blamey

Edition: 300 signed and numbered copies

ISBN 0-949004-04-9
This small, visually unassuming and intriguing book is the result of several months spent in India. The hammered aluminium slipcase with a screen-printed label is immediately suggestive of Indian hand-craft and use of recycled materials. The text, in English with Hindi transliteration, conveys the reader on a tour marked out by phrases from local street signs and advertising. Juxtaposed, the single phrases propose their own darkly humorous meanings. Framed on each page is a facsimile of a leaf from Blamey's notebooks, the unevenness of their perforations making them unfamiliar to a Western eye. The simple drawings have a quality of the commonplace found object, just beyond recognition. Past Golden is a material product, a literal record and an intimately personal impression of a particular place. Yet the fragmentary, abstracted nature of its content allows the viewer to make their own journeys.

Victoria & Albert Museum

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Open Editions Catalogue 1990 — 2011 Click a cover image to navigate to the publication
Founded by David Blamey in 1992, Open Editions operates as an independent platform for creative partnerships between artists, designers, academics, writers, curators and critics. An ethos of experimentation and equality underpins our publishing: theory and practice are combined; artists and writers exchange ideas on a level playing field; the controlled logic of academicism is eschewed in favour of the subject speaking more directly for itself. Each of our publishing projects is undertaken as a bespoke enterprise. New titles are conceived, resourced, designed and produced by contributors whose ideas coalesce around topics of interest held in common. Often, we employ an approach whereby experts from diverse fields of practice are encouraged conduct a dialogue, as opposed to making singular statements. In this way, Open Editions’ publications are conceived as workshops of ideas that contribute to an expanded notion of both making and writing about art.